House Of Snark - Winter is Comic


Winter is Comic by House Of Snark - Part 1
The Lannisters send their Regards

* Authentic Compact Disc made from Valyrian Steel
(plastic used when Steel in out of season.)

* Lyric booklet, so you can sing along to Songs of Ice and Fire!

* USPS Shipping: Included!
Authentic GoT Shipping: add $10,000 for Messenger Raven.

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Track List:
01. Carol Of The Thrones
02. Good King Whatshisname
03. The Westeros Song
04. I Saw Cersei Kiss A Lannister
05. Up On The Castle
06. Slayer Ride
07. O, Tyrion!
08. The Dragon Song
09. Silent Watch
10. White Walker
11. Baby, There's Hordes Outside
12. Joffrey's Dead
13. We Three Kings, Baratheon Are
14. My Favorite Kings
15. Game Of Thrones For Christmas