House Of Snark

The Allied Force, Darian Baena, Allan Cason, Richard Comeau, Brittany Rose Dawson, Joe Hogue,
Joel-Steven, Sean Petersen, Liane Walls, Nique Wheeler, and Zack Wheeler.


Produced by:   Joel-Steven and HiTPLAY

Written and conceived by:  Joel-Steven

Arranged and programmed by:  Joe (JoJoHo) Hogue Engineered and mixed by HiTPLAY

Engineered and mixed by: HiTPLAY

Consultant:  Stage Reverend

HiTPLAY (JoJoho+SeanyP) is a multiple Grammy and Emmy Award-winning producer and composer team. As a Top-10 Billboard hit songwriter and producer team HiTPLAY has recorded over 300 albums with artists from nearly every genre earning 25 RIAA certified Gold and Platinum awards and over 15000000 albums sold world wide. HiTPLAY the Music Speaks for Itself!


OC native Joel-Steven is the fourth in five generations of performers. A professional since high school he’s worked at numerous radio networks theme parks and nightclubs as both live entertainer and behind-the-scenes producer. Now spinning his Frebergian 'Semantic Dance' (the name of his production company) as a writer while working on the next great Broadway musical.

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